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Now that the kids are more independent and easier to care for, Sweety and I find that we sometimes have an entire hour and a half of time before bedtime in which we can get stuff done or goof off. Sci-Fi's Friday lineup gives us enough fodder to do a bit of each for an entire weekend.

Sarah Jane Adventures

I think this show is rather sweet. I'm a little mystified by the villainous Slitheen--I thought the evil ones we saw were criminals?--but it's amusing to see a Slitheen child. Maria and Luke don't grate on me like many child characters. But does anyone else think that Elisabeth Sladen and Mary McDonnell are identical cousins?

Doctor Who

I was a little worried about the whole "new attitude" commercial. I liked the old attitude. This was a fun episode (Christmas special, I'm sure). And hey, Street Fighter wasn't Kylie Minogue's finest moment as an actor!

Battlestar Galactica

Well, you can't say things aren't going anywhere any more.

Does anyone else think it's weird that Starbuck has so many other major characters with her? How the heck could they spare that many pilots? And so many of them are high-profile, too. I mean, Athena the Cylon gets to go along? No wonder everyone wants to know what's up with this supposedly secret mission.

I'm disappointed with Tori's new role. Not the "I am a nasty Cylon" part, but the "I get to be the one hitting on or screwing someone different every week" part. It can almost hear someone saying in a meeting "Starbuck's not going to have sex with anyone but Sam on that garbage scow! Gehta's gay, and Helo's monogamous! Who else can we have take off her shirt--well, okay, strip down to a lacy camisole?"

Isn't it interesting that Tori has been at ground zero for a kidnapping of both of the Cylon children? Only she and the president knew where Maya was with Hera, but Maya was killed and Hera taken away. Now Tori has Nicholas. Hmm.

I feel bad for Cally. I never hated her as much as other fans did. She was just a slightly slow person who got stuck in the wrong places. Of course I'm glad she didn't succeed in killing her child, which is just plain wrong on so many levels it's not worth discussing.

The thing is, this episode with Cally kind of resonated with me. I can see how that would be, being essentially a single parent to a small child who sleeps in your room. That's enough to make you depressed and jumpy even if you're not already stressed out and using the world's most overstimulating nightlight. Although Nicky is a toddler, a lot of Cally's issues were very common new-mother issues: exhaustion, worry, concern that she can't calm the child, fear her husband won't find her attractive, feeling overwhelmed, etc. She got into a paranoid space and didn't know who was human any more, didn't know who she could trust. I'm surprised they didn't do anything with the feeling that her weepy child was a monster; that's something a lot of parents feel after a bad night.

I'm kind of surprised Cally lasted as long as she did. She's been in a lot of dangerous situations, and she always was, shall we say, a bit low on mental resources. But I'm glad that the writers/producers stuck by her and gave her a useful exit instead of just writing her out sooner due to fan hatred. Unlike Kat's stupid "I have a backstory now that I'm about to die" episode, this one was pretty solid. RIP, Cally. May whatever god or gods you meet judge you kindly.
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